What You Need to Know about Botox Injections

Botox - Before And After
Botox – Before And After. Source: http://dermspecpa.com

Men and women, young and old, can benefit from getting Botox injections. Since the early 2000s, Botox has continued to be the most sought after cosmetic procedure. Whether you’re simply looking to improve your appearance, eliminate excessive sweating, or minimize oversized muscles in your face that cause your teeth to clench, Botox is a fast and simple solution that gives you the results you need.

Depending on the size of your muscles, and the distribution and sensitivity to the product, the amount of Botox needed varies, as does the cost. The different areas of your face also require different units of Botox. The least being under the eyes at a standard 2 units, and between 25 and 35 for the masseter. However, if you’re looking to reduce perspiration in your back, breasts, groin, scalp, palms, or buttocks then the units are generally 50-100 per injection.

Botox injections pose minimal discomfort for the patient. Using needles typically used for injecting insulin, which are very small and very sharp, there is minimal discomfort and it usually subsides after the initial entry. However, patients could request that the doctor applies a numbing salve to be applied.

The results of getting Botox take at least one to two weeks to fully show but the results are worth it. Whenever your frown lines, neck creases, perspiration, or even your smile become bothersome, you should consider Botox as a solution. The procedure can take as little as fifteen minutes for results that last months.

Are Freckles A Sign of Sun Damage or Skin Cancer?

Freckles vs. Sun Spots
Freckles vs. Sun Spots. Source: http://llc.uk.com
Freckles also known as ephelids are an indication that you have had previous sun exposure. Most freckles are not dangerous they are just a sign of sun damage. The freckles on your skin are created when your skin produces more melanin pigment in reaction to the sun’s UV (ultraviolet) rays. It is way for your skin to protect you from more sun damage. In most cases your freckles will fade in the winter and darken in the summer due t more sunlight.

People with fair skin will tend to have more freckles and sunburn more easily, while people with dark or olive skin tones will suntan easier and have less freckles. In most situations freckles start to show up in your childhood years on areas that are exposed to the most sunlight. This would be the arms, face, legs and chest. The number of freckles will increase of your lifetime based on the amount of sun exposure you receive.

If you see new freckles appearing, this could be triggered by a visit to the tanning salon or a recent sunburn. These freckles are known as sunburn freckles and have been associated with melanoma skin cancer. This type of freckle is usually found on the shoulders and chest. They appear darker and larger than the light colored freckles you have seen when you were younger.

If you notice any changes in your freckles or moles it is recommend too visit your primary physician or dermatologist. It can be a sign of a precancerous condition or skin cancer and may need to be removed.

The Power to Defy Lines and Gravity


It’s true. There is something on the market today to defy unsightly lines and wrinkles on the face. It’s called Juvederm. The product is an injectable gel; and it is injected into areas of tissue on the face where wrinkles and folds have occurred, especially around the nose and mouth. The injectable gel works to repair age-related volume loss by instantly smoothing away the wrinkles.

You can get natural-looking results that will last up to one year with just one treatment. All of your friends will notice, but none of them will know. If you don’t like your smile lines or have vertical lip lines, both can be smoothed away and natural contours can be restored.

Did you know that as you age you start to lose the hyaluronic acid in your skin? Skin that is young and healthy looking contains this naturally hydrating substance. Sunlight also reduces hyaluronic acid. The lack of it causes your skin to lose volume and structure, which creates those unwanted facial folds and wrinkles–the ones that look like parentheses lines around your nose and mouth.

Using filler like Juvederm is an effective and safe way to replace the loss of hyaluronic acid. Try it today. Take your youth back by defying those pesky lines and gravity. You’ll be glad you did.